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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 6, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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over the fiscal cliff. no one is talking about it except us to be sure to tune in . we'll see all of you. have a great weekend. two more american soldiers die in afghanistan. kill would by insurgent that is seeing growing violence. this as the defense secretary called the president of afghanistan for not being grateful or thankful for the soldier's sacrifice. oliver north is down on the ground in kabul. election a mont to go. what can governor romney do to maintain momentum. they weigh in on the race for the white house. terrifying moments as a charter bus carrying 50 people overturn crashes on a busy highway. hello, everybody. i am uma live in washington with the latest on that and top stories making news in
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america's news headquarters . a referundum on the president. choice between two different paths for america. whatever you call it. one month for today voters will head to the polls today. governor mitt romney is in florida setting the record straight about his economic plan. john roberts is live. romney is seizing on the momentum. how are the voters responding out there? >> the voters are responding to the governor. this event will be tonight. the entertainment is just warming up six hours before the actual appearance. the governor did debate prep in anticipation of a week from tuesday's all important second presidential debate. in the meantime traveling the i-4 corridor in this area.
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split in 2008 and yesterday in peterson and tampa bay area where president obama took both counties four years ago and the government hitting on thes between himself and the president this weekend. >> he for instance is going to raise taxes and his vice-president blurted out the truth. they plan on raising them trillion and it is two trillion when you put it together. that is an increase on taxes in maul business and that will mean less jobs. and in the meantime obama campaign continues to hit mitt romney on the idea of being dishonest and nigh add out there saying he was not for a five trillion tax cut he was lying about that as he was when he said the president wants to raise the taxes $4000. obama disputed that that was independent but did not dispute the $4000 figure.
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and in the meantime president in cleveland making fun of mitt romney. listen to this. >> for all of you moms and kids out there. don't worry, somebody is getting tough on big bird. elmo, you better make a run for it. governor romney is going to let wall street run wild again but bring the hammer down on sesame street? >> and democrats are wondering where that president obama was in the debate on wednesday and people wonder if he will be tough one on one when he has the stage. and the obama touting a 181 million for september we have yet to hear from the romney campaign how they did last month. >> thank you for bringing us up to date from the romney camp.
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>> i don't know what the right number is, but i will tell you, these numbers don't smell right when you think about where the economy is right now. >> what about those recent numbers in the latest job report and showing a dip in the unemployment. former chairman jack welch is skeptical. meaning that employers added a modest 114,000 jobs and the drop comes at a critical time for the president who is coming off a weak debate performance with romney. joining us is new york times best selling author out with the latest book. ann coulter. at this point in time the president said we will be at 5.6 and enjoying that part of the economy and a more comfortable position and now
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they are running with this new number. what is your response. >> it is noticeable that a lot of economist are saying this is not possible. you would need more than 114,000 jobbings. i don't think it matters except to broadcasting tv shows or writing for newspaper what number they throw up on the screen. people know they are out of work and in jobs and they are way overqualified for and working part-time. so many people are going out of business and under working now. 23 million unemployed difference does it make? >> the numbers simply write away the 211,000,000 people stopping to look for people. >> oh, yes. people have gotten discouraged and begin up. but people working part-time. that is included in your allegedly working that. is not a full-time job and that a wonderful thing about
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romney's debate performance. he kept saying i am going to bring back jobs. and explain for a smart man bain capital guy. it is explained in a way to everyone can understand. you cut taxes the treasury gets more revenue. it happened under reagan and jfk. and as romney said get more people work sending more to the treasury department. but he explained it in a way anyone can understand. >> back to the unemployment number. jack we, well ch we just heard from and economist that are not buying and said they are cooked up the tweet that jack welch put out there right after the numbers came out. unbelievable. these chicago guys will do anything. can't debate so change the numbers . do you into this conspiracy. >> it was not just jack welch.
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on msnbc. they had one conservative and he is flipping and said they needed to add 120,000 jobs to tread water and how can they add 114,000 and claim that the rate dropped. it showsas regular fox watchers know. i am suspicious of the polls as well. it is curious how the polls are awn wrong but never wrong in favor of the republicans. they were way wrong in exit poll wrong on florida . suppressing the vote in the panhandle. i think that obama administration knows it can put out phony numbers and the only place you will find that out is talk radio and fox news which is dismissed as right wing because the media is in the tank for the president. >> moving on the to vice-presidential debate coming up on thursday, what are your expectation and you must be excite to see how
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mr. ryan performs. >> i continuing will be similar to the presidential debatement biden makes a lot of gaffes and a lot of people think it would be a blow out. i would warn them septemberor biden who is in the game for a long time and polished politician and charming. and i don't think it will be as obvious of a blow out as it was between romney and obama. but there is gaffe baggery and facts and figures. >> and ryan for not perceived as a policy wonk. and he has to connect with the people one on one. >> he does, like romney, they are like ward cleaver charm cute and don't seem threatening and good husbands and fathers and nothing that seems mean about them. i expect it to be similar though it will not be as good as romney and obama. they were playing c-span and
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replaying the reagan debate. romney was better than reagan in the debates. >> ann thank you . a pleasure . >> good to see you . >> and across the board. pundits agree that governor romney won the presidential debate. and the challenger coming again or will the story change. testimony us if you are on team biden and romney, why. and tweet your answers and i will read your responses later in this hour. >> this fox news alert. two u.s. service members died in insurgent attack in eastern afghanistan. just last week u.s. marked a somber mile tone with 2000us troops killed in the ongoing conflict. it comes amid strong words with leon panetta with amid karzai . he claimed that the allied
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forces are not doing enough. now panetta said karzai should focus on what nato troops have done in sacrifice for helping his country. >> it would be helpful if the president would express his thanks for the sacrifices that were made by those who fought and died for afghanistan rather than critize . >> panetta offering up his thoughts in a trip to peru. he will head to brussels for the talks on the road ahead in afghanistan and continuing troop withdrawals. and attackings by members of the afghan forces against the nato troops is raising concerns it has strained relations and serious lease undermined nato trust in afghan partners. oliver north is joiningugs near kabul, afghanian where he is embedded with special
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opposition forces. the insider attacks. >> these are young americans. and killed more than 50 ally troops including 30 americans. what impact is that having on the front line there? >> uma, they continue to fight. and what we have seen in the ground and we have that for you here is a different story than what we are getting back from the main stream media. today we tramped to a remote outpostwhere three were kill would in a recent attack. i asked about the affects of the incident. in the aftermath of these other events have any of them came to you and said we are sorry about what happened? >> yes, sir. we have become like one of the village and one of the populas . our loss was their loss and they felt it just as much as we did.
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we fight side by side. i picked them up when they are down and they picked us up when -- we are down. >> this district is one of the bloodiest places on the planet and protected by afghan local police and special forces and a handful of special marine operators . and those u.s. marines, uma, want to make sure we win the war. that's the problem. there is not enough attention paid to the remarkable sacrifices made out here and the wins on the ground. most importantly uma, the casulty rates among the afghans are almost five times higher than those among the americans. >> colonel north, thank you for your insight we appreciate it.
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a radical preacher and for other terrorism suspects areiched in the u.s. to face charges. they face various charges for terrorism and making training grounds. two of the men appeared in a connecticut jail this morning. the others will be tried in a federal courtroom in manhattan. >> homeland security secretary janet napolitano meets the family of a border agent following the news that he may have been a victim of friendly fire. nicholas ivy and two others responded to a smuggling. it appears that the agents accidentally killed ivy injurying each other. >> 50 people are sick with rare formings of menigitus linked to contaminated steroid
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injections. so far 7 states had reported the illness. all of the cases have been link back to three batches of steroids prepared in massachusetts. 4.61 a gallon in california is the average price of gasoline. and this is up 12 cents from friday's average of 12.49 and equals the record high in california which was reached in 2008. prices are expected to keep increasing before leveling off. >> there is a lot more to come on america's news headquarters . 16 trillion and rising. shouldn't our government do that, too. up next governor mike huckabee explains why america's growing debt is a moral issue. >> we haven't had another republican since then.
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applaud him for what hoo did. >> michael reagan called governor mitt romney's debate best one since abraham lincoln. i will ask michael reagan why he thinks the republicans found the leader they need. >> a legal battle over the cross that honors world war one veterans. now athiests say it has to go. later in the show a fair and balanced debate. ♪
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>> a horrifying accident in new jersey. a commercial bus flipped over traveling from canada. 60 people were on board and amazingly no one was seriously injured. authorities are looking into what caused the crash. i think it is not just an economic issue. i think it is a moral issue. i think it is frankly not moral for my generation to keep spending massively more than we take in. >> governor romney talked about the issue in his debate with president obama. conservatives and liberals are calling for a move to moral
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economy. for republicans cutting spend democrats it is asking the rich to pay more. governor mike huckabee joins us live . great to have you here. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, uma. >> i know it is an important issue. why do you feel morality and the economy are linked . >> some people call it generational theft and that is accurate description and if you steal from somebody that is a moral issue. that's what we are doing. we are stealing from the generation that is coming after us. we are spending money they will have to pay back on our behalf . we get the benefit and they get the burden. that is immoral and wrong to do that and that is what the huge 16 trillion debt represents. >> are you concerned about the current state of affairs is accepted by some as the new norpal? >> i am uma .
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let me be fair. this is not just something democrats created but republicans have done. republicans boast they don't raise taxes. that may be wonderful. if they don't pay for the things they spend money for that is no better than the democrats spending mon yewanting to raise taxs and soak rich people and poor people which frankly that's what the taxes have done. and both parties have to accept they have dirty hand and cull pillability and recognize we will not fix this by shouting in the four corners but coming together and recognize that debt is a crisis and not everyone will get everything they want. no one will get everything they want. everybody has to be willing to recognize the real solution. >> let me talk about the debates for a moment. do you think that the debates that just happened. we missed hearing more about american exceptionalism.
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>> one moment we got a piece of that is when mitt romney turned behind him and pointed to the constitution and declaration of independence and movingly spoke of how the were the governing principles. that was a high moment and great moment for romney to show a level of connection to the constitution and declaration and founding principles and remind us that we are a great country, not because of we ourselves but the foundation on which we stand is solid rock . that is very powerful. >> because you believe. many of us believe that we are a great country and that we can fix what is going on now. we can make a difference and cut this debt in a big way. >> we can, but not just by cutting taxs and hoping that the economy grows and we can't do it simply by e spending more and hoping that
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stimulates the economy. the real way to get out of the debt crisis is to grow the economy and create real sense of of course excitement about people making investments. if taxes go up, investments slow downs and if we get to the place where regulation causes it too difficult to succeed in business we can't glow. if we open up the market place and stop punishing productivity. right now that's what our tax system does. we underwrite and subsidize the recklessly irresponsible through bailouts and insurance companis and car companies. the fact is, people who are working hard and doing well. and small business owners and big business owners who are not asking for uncle sugar to work for them they are getting punished. change that and we can get out of the debt problem. governor mike huckabee always a pleasure to have you on board. >> thank you, uma.
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>> he raised the bar and it is mitt romney's job to live up to the standards. >> you can't have a down moment. >> we see it in the polls. the polls are change things are getting closer and mitt romney is in the league. they saw them for the first time together . he cannot let down. >> my one on one with michael reagan, the son of a president many people credit with historic debate moments. ♪
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we understand that commitment. and always have. so does aarp, an organization serving the needs of americans 50 and over for generations. so it's no surprise millions have chosen an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, they help cover some of the expenses medicare doesn't pay. and save you up to thousands in out-of-pocket costs. to find out more, request your free decision guide. call or go online today. after all, when you're going the distance, it's nice to have the experience and commitment to go along with you. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. >> welcome back, everybody. secretary of defense leon panetta is the latest person in the obama administration to weigh in on the investigation into the libyan embassy attack. it is the bottom of the hour
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and peter doocy has the top stories, >> uma, the secretary of defense said that the u.s. is working hard to get to the bottom of the new arrests in the deadly attack that killed four americans on 9/11. his comments came when he was asked about the reports that two tunisian men were detain in turkey. it is not clear if they are suspects or witnesses at this point. >> israeli military is looking for a drone. it did not contain explosives or weapons >> south carolina town is waiting to find out what caused a high school football player to die during a game? officials say the 18 year old had to be helped off of the field after a tackle and collapsod the sideline and take tonight hospital where he was ronounced dead.
12:30 pm
>> drivers in california are dealing with a severe case of sticker shock. the average price of gas tied an all-time state record of $4.61 set back in 2008 that is up 12 cents from yesterday's average. those are the top stories, uma. back to you. >> prices keep going up up. thank you very much. >> defense contractors are facing a dilemma with half billion worth of cuts. should they warn the employees or listen to the obama administration and not issue a 60 day notice. here's more. >> nice to see you. law called the warren act. ahead of lay offs notices should be issued 60 days to. lay off notices should go out right before the election day. but the white house office of management and budget said contractors should not send them out because cuts may not
12:31 pm
happen. one contractor said he's planing to tell his employees. >> you can't tell them, and that puts us as a maul business owner between a rock and hard spot. we'll help you but we'll help you if we go over the cliff. >> if they get sued for not sending out lay off notices. the government will pib pick up the tab. contractors will honor the request and hold off workers but two key republican senators sent a letter to 15 major defense contractors warning it is our fear should you rely on that guidance and fail to comply with the warren act. you will set your company up for serious legal and financial repercution and graham is outraged. >> this is an example of where the president of the united states is telling a private sector don't comply with the
12:32 pm
existing statute and if you get sued we'll pay your cost. that should disturb americans not just republicans and democrat and sets a bad precedent. >> the administration said the guyance is legal and consistent with all laws and regulation . they advise contractors does not create new obligations for agencies or taxpayers. >> great to see you as always . >> typically it is against such a proposal. governor? >> there you go again. >> that was arguably one of the most memorable moment presidential debates for most americans. president reagan set it so high few can live up to the standard. i talked to president reagan's son. he said it is a mistake to find another reagan moment or
12:33 pm
another reagan . he said doing that you may lose site of another great leader. >> great to have you here with us. >> good to be with you. >> let me ask you about the debate. i know you are happy about the way it turned out. many observers say when you see a cand date unfiltered talking to the vores it trumps the media lens that might be at play? >> my father understood that also. he understood who the audience was when he debated jimmie carter or walter mondale or gorbachev he understood where the audience was and who they would be. and i think mitt romney just so pulled that off the other night. and it is showing in the polls and every place else. >> i thought it interesting. right after the debate. this is the best debate by a republican since lincoln. >> that's what i said. it is easy to say best since
12:34 pm
reagan. everybody said that. my father remember a line here and there when he debated jimmie cart yer mondale and they are great debates of course. but the debate that mitt romney put on. it was a mitt romney debate. not reagan. the depraspness of the issues and the way he went and from the beginning to the end. there great moments all the way through. there were not just one but many. that was the best debate since lincoln and i say that to honor mitt romney for what he did and not tie him to ronald reagan. we make a mistake when we look for ronald reagan. we were not looking for lincoln when we found reagan. and we were looking for a landlorder and we found one the other night. >> so many conservatives feel your father set the high bar in the presidential debates. >> i think they probably did.
12:35 pm
that is the only person they have been able to quote. they had no other republican to quote . now there is another republican. i bruced mitt romney a couplev years ago in the los angeles california club and i said to the group that is there. let's not make the mistake of looking for the next ronald reagan. we may do that and walk past the next great leader of our movement. when you put machine up against ronald reagan. they will fail because it is ronald reagan. let mitt romney have his moment and applaud him and not try to tie him to the past but look to the future. >> why do people say you need that phrase and sentence in a debate that can be remembered for people going forward for the generation toz come. why do you have to have that pivotal moment. >> they are the game changer.
12:36 pm
whether the age issue with mondale there you go again . are you better off today than you are four years ago in great moments. different time and place that we are in than we were back in 1980 even though there are many similarities. society is different today than it was back in the 1980s. and so we have to change and understand it from that view point. >> let me ask you going forward, what are your expectations as mitt romney prepares for his next big face off with the president? >> he can't have a down moment. i think what happened we see it in the polls. you see the polls change things are getting closer and mitt romney is in the lead. people saw them for the first time together. he cannot let down. he has to do the samening - same thing in the next two debates. he has to show a grasp of the issues at hand that are hurting america today and how
12:37 pm
he will fix it. >> do you expect going forward that he will continue to build on the momentum that he's had up to this point? >> i think many people in my position that certainly hope so. one of the questions i asked uma not are you better off today than four years ago. are you safer today than you were four years ago? and there is a lot of people who don't feel safer today than four years ago. and about california, all you have to do is say are you better off today than yesterday afternoon when gas was 40 cents cheaper? >> that's a valid point. gas prices are soaring by the moment . sum up take stock of what is at play right now. what is your biggest take away and the way the media handled the race and viewed mitt romney? >> i am not surprised with the media. they were not friendly to ronald reagan or republicans .
12:38 pm
so my father had to buy time to get around the media. >> the other night mitt romney proved his strength and what it truly is and i think he can't let the media put him on the defensive and president put him on the defensive. when he is on the defensive he loses and when he goes on the offensive, he wins and stay on the offense and not the defense. my wife once said to me . don't let someone else's attitude determine yours for the remainder of the day. don't let them do that. >> wise words indeed. michael reagan, thank you for joining us and it was a plaze -pleasure having you here. >> thank you. >> one navy seal is about to receive his commission. we'll go live to new york city where the ceremony honoring him is now taking place. stay with us. [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing
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>> welcome back everybody. we received new video of the israeli air force strike peter doocy mentioned. the air force struck down an unmanned aircraft flying over their space. israeli defense force said it did not come from gaza. the drone was not carrying weapons. it appears for monitor and intelligence gaggering purposes . right now that's what we know . navy seal mike murphy gave the ultimate sacrifice and receiving the medal of honor . he will be commissioned in new york city . anais there for a special tribute. >> hey there, uma. the u.s. commissioner ceremony has just wrapped up. the naval destroyer named
12:44 pm
after a 29 year old american hero, michael murphy who was killed in a firefighter in afghanistan on the single deadliest day for american warfare. navy seal and long ilan98ive is the first american awarded the medal of honor. paying tribute to murphy of the mayor bloomburg and senator schumer and military dig natarries . his mother said she is honored to be the ships sponsor. she hopes they will serve with honor and loyalty like her mike. >> there is a hole in your heart that never heals and i know spiritually he is here. i physically miss my mike and some days i can handle it and some days, it just brings you back to the day when all of
12:45 pm
that tragedy happened. >> that day june 28th 2005. murphy was leading a four-man team tracking down a key taliban leader. he was shot in the back and he left a protected signal to get a back up. y the held was shot down. >> here is someone that was the same age as the sailors on the ship. someone who grew up just like you and me and understanding the sacrifice this he made inspiring all of us to make the ship the best we can. >> the only navy seal has written a book called lone survivor and it is a movie. >> thank you indead.
12:46 pm
>> a world war one memorial at the cross road. stay with us.
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welcome back everybody. a 40 foot cross memorial for
12:50 pm
the world war one residents has been in maryland. one group has its way it will not be that way much longer. they say it is a christian symbol and doesn't properly represent all of the soldiers. joining us now . we have with us the lawyer. this is an emotional issue . you believe very strongly that the cross is a christian image and does not represent the sacrifices made by nonchristian soldiers and you are against keeping it in place each though it has been there 80 years and so why the fight now? >> why now. it was brought to our attention by one of our members. of course, the reason that it was not brought up in the past it takes a certain act of courage to come forward and
12:51 pm
ask for something like that which is unpopular in certain parts of the community. >> why is it an issue that you believe needs to take and find a resolution in the courts at this point? >> it is a constitutional issue of significant importance. our fowners in their wisdom when they set up our system added the freedom of rights and that requires separation of church and state. >> this is the latest in the meaning of first amendment and government will not impede or endorse practice of religion. where do you see the conflict going. >> it isitutional. what the court said repeatedly what matters is history and context. look at the history of this memorial. it was erected in 1929 to honor 49 men who gave their
12:52 pm
lives in prince george cone. it would be a travity if it had to be moved or torn down. >> so at this point though, the fact that the other side is arguing that it does infringe on the first amendment, how do you respond to that? >> well, the supreme court said in the 10 commandment's case what matters is history and context. here we have history. purpose of this is honoring the veterans . also we have context. it doesn't sit alone. it sits with other moniments. there is a memor to korean and vietnam veterans. it is where a battle was in the 1812. and so the supreme court would say and that this is
12:53 pm
constitutional. we can't disrespect our veterans by second guessing what they chose. >> and you disagree as i understand it. >> no disrespect is intended. i think we should have a secular war memorial following the first world war. but not the form of a cross. the cross itself would be appropriate if it were relocated to private property. >> i meant to say mr. burgess. this is a story we'll follow and gentleman, thank you so much for joining us today. >> thank you for having us. >> what would you do for your best friend? it took a few days to sink in he was coming to see me. he is my boy. we don't have children. we have three beautiful dogings, he's my buddy. >> after the break. a remarkable and touching story about what this
12:54 pm
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>> welcome back everybody, the top terror suspect now in the united states for trial. two of the men already appeared in the the u.s. district courtroom and has been jailed until the trial gets underway and we've just learned that the arraignment is set overnight.
12:58 pm
a recall, and we told you about weeks ago expanded now affects products from plants in mexico dating back to march of 2010. the f.d.a. says salmonella in some samples and a california mayor wants to close the soup kitchenens. eric beaver says doing that will help with the city's problems and the councilmembers and charities are arguing that a lot of people on fixed incomes also use the soup kitchens. >> and wounded warriors are running for a cause today in virginia. the run with the warriors race raises money to help renovate apartments and housing for injured veterans and the group says it takes over $500,000 to fix up each unit. and the next story is truly one about man's best friend. a remarkable story indeed. a dog escapes his home in new york and travels get this more than two miles to visit his owner in the hospital.
12:59 pm
and the owner was hospitalized with a skin condition last week and his wife says zander, sulked and cried from the moment the husband left and zander had to cross a four lean road just to get to the hospital. and the one and only vice-presidential debate is closing in on us so we have been asking you to think about who will take the night's top honor, patty says, paul ryan will win the debate. he's strong and has people paying attention, and he's much better to look at. >> carol adds, i want ryan to win, but don't underestimate biden, he's been around washington a long time. another viewer believes that paul ryan will win, but either way be watching with popcorn. >> and thinks that it won't take much to set biden off and then he will be a hoot. >> and one month out from the elections, and sit down


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